Coding & Development Projects

Dutch Auction App

Solidity Dutch Auction with React UI made for INFO 7500 at Northeastern University.

The Dutch Auction is powered by Solidity smart contracts with a React-based interface for interacting with contracts. Includes auction deployment, information retrieval, and bidding functionality. Consecutive versions contain ERC20 and ERC721 implementations for token currency and NFT functionality. Learn more ...

Space Runner Game

Unreal Engine 5 First-person endless runner game project for Northeastern's CSYE 7270 class

Space Runner is a first-person runner game with procedurally generated rooms with each room variation containing a unique assortment of obstacles and hazards. Features a wall-running movement mechanic along with jumping functionality.  Learn more ...

logistics game

Java GUI game made for INFO 5100 at Northeastern University.

This incremental-style game utilizes Java Swing and JavaFX libraries to create an interactive experience. Users are tasked with purchasing vehicles, acquiring upgrades, and completing contracts in order to progress further. Learn more ...